Myra and Mimi


From one mother to another!

Wearable Breast Pump

- Hands-free pumping
- Easy to wear
- Spill free
- Doesn’t empty the breasts 100% but good for travel and emergencies

Diaper changing table

- Comfortable height for changing diaper
- Practical storage space
- Multipurpose - later can be used as wadrobe/bookshelf etc.

Changing table shelf

- Can stand on the floor or be hung on the wall
- Multipurpose - can later be used as Montessori toy shelf
- Appropriate height and box sizes

Changing table mat

- Perfect fit for changing table
- Can stand on the floor or be hung on the wall
- Easily portable

Changing table mat cover

- Perfect fir for your changing table mat
- Soft, smooth surface is durable
- Easy to put on and take off
- Machine washable

Changing table baskets

- baskets save space as they hang on the edge of the changing table
- waste bin included at handy location
- Hooks for towels

Baby swimming pool

- Foldable - easy storage
- Easily portable
- Enough space for one adult and a kid

Baby body lotion

- Prevents any rashes and irritation
- Provides the required moisturization
- Regular daily usage lotion

Book Shelf

- appropriate height for babies
- Enough space for almost 16-20 books
- Safe for babies

Potty training seat

- Appropriate size for all age-group kids
- Hands and back support
- Proper height with climbing stairs promoting independence

Board books

- Big and colorful images
- Proper size for tiny hands
- Very strong pages and binding

Crawling Mat

- Cushy and textured
- Proper size for exploration
- Durable and easy to clean


- Appropriate height
- Safety belts and parental control
- Sunroof and storage basket


- Safety belt
- Washable
- Soft cotton material

Baby Cot / Crib

- Rocking Base
- 3-level adjustable heights
- Mosquito Net
- Openable Side Rail