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0 Plus Month Baby Toy Box

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0 Plus Months Baby Toy Box Helps:

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Brain Benefits for 0+ month baby

Know which parts of your baby's brain are getting developed with these toys​

Benefits of 0 plus months baby toys box on baby brain

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Hanging Mobile

O ball


Wooden Shakers

Parent's guidebook

High Contrast Flash Cards

Flash Cards Displayer

High Contrast Mittens

Spiral Hanging Mobile

Spiral Hanging Mobile colorful side

Spiral Hanging Mobile:

✅ India's first-of-its-kind

✅ Dual-sided natural wood toy

✅ boosts concentration

✅ improves vision

✅ helps baby stay calm during diaper/clothes change

✅ encourages curiosity and exploration

Flashcard Displayer with Mirror

Flashcards Displayer with black and white high contrast flashcards and a mirror

Flashcards Displayer with Mirror:

✅ Improves vision

✅ Encourages neck movement and muscle strength

✅ Versatile for tummy time and sitting

✅ Includes high-contrast cards and mirror

✅ First time designed in India for early learning

High Contrast Black and White Flashcards

High contrast flashcards with mirror

High Contrast Balck and White Flashcards with Mirror:

✅ Offers simple and complex designs for progressive learning

✅ Features high contrast for early visual development

✅ Compatible with displayer and play gym for versatile use

✅ Stimulates concentration and cognitive growth

Wooden Shakers Pair

Wooden Shakers pair, Montessori based wooden egg shakers

Wooden Egg Shakers Pair:

✅ Enhances auditory and visual senses

✅ Boosts hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

✅ Promotes grip strength and grasping ability

✅ Teaches cause and effect through play

O Ball

O Ball for newborn babies

O Ball:

✅ Stimulates tactile and visual senses

✅ Enhances hand-eye coordination

✅ Compatible with play gyms for versatile use

✅ Promotes spatial awareness and fine motor skills

High Contrast Mittens

High contrast mittens for newborn babies

High Contrast Mittens:

✅ Captivate with high contrast print

✅ Encourage self-movement awareness

✅ Enhance hand-eye coordination

✅ Stimulate tactile and visual development

Parents' Guidebook

Guidebook for Parents Cover:

✅ How to play each toy with the baby?

✅ What to expect from your baby?

✅ Benefits of the t oy and why should baby play each toy?

✅ At-home activities for babies for that age group

Reviews (28)
28 reviews

28 reviews for 0 Plus Month Baby Toy Box

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  1. Rohan Gupta

    Engaging toys, but expected more variety for the age group. Still, a solid purchase.

  2. Anita Singh

    Fantastic! The guidebook is super helpful, and my baby is fascinated by the flashcards.

  3. Suresh

    Decent kit, but some toys are too basic. The spiral mobile is the best part.

  4. Divya Prakash

    Loved every piece of this kit. The spiral mobile and O ball are especially great. Worth every penny for the development benefits.

  5. Joy Thomas

    Love the fact that the toys are unpolished and made with Indian wood. My child’s safety is paramount and this kit understands that.

  6. Ragini Shinde

    This 0-3 Months Toy Kit is a godsend for me as a first-time mother. I especially appreciate the Play Gym – my little one is so fascinated with the visual perception it offers, and I can see her awareness of her hands and legs improving every day. The toys are all engaging and in line with my own research also. This kit has truly made my life easier, I don’t have to hunt for age-specific toys anymore.

  7. Sushmita Bhattacharya

    Good Products. Engaging for my daughter. Good Quality. Should be 2 month kits not 3 months…

  8. Pankaj Das

    Finally, a comprehensive solution! No more searching for suitable toys for each stage.

  9. Neha Bhargav


  10. Rekha Joshi

    Good engaging toys. Gym should be made of wood but good quality. Elephant is very good.

  11. Neha Bhatnagar

    Good Kit. I came to buy new kit. My child still uses it and he’s already 5. Crinkle book is his favorite.

  12. Priya Malhotra

    Saw ad on Instagram. Wasn’t sure of quality. Decided to get. Very good quality.

  13. Jignesh Patel

    Good combination of Indian wood and organic colours. The play gym is made of plastic but it’s good quality

  14. Pallabi Ghosh

    Everything is OK and very effective but I got different types of cloth book. It is not same as shown in picture. That is disappointing. Otherwise it is really good and my baby is really enjoying it. Packing is also nice and got delivery before time.

  15. Karan Joshi

    Nice kit, but expected more variety. Quality is top-notch though.

  16. Aarav Mehta

    The spiral hanging mobile is a hit with my newborn! The dual-sided design keeps him engaged and calm, especially during changes. It’s refreshing to find toys that are not only safe but also contribute to his development. Highly recommend!

  17. Priyanka Singh

    Absolutely love it! The mirror and flashcards are my baby’s favorites. Worth every penny.

  18. Ravi Kumar

    Great for development and easy to use. The guidebook is very helpful for new parents.

  19. Mohit Verma

    Okay overall, but expected more interactive toys. The wooden shakers are good.

  20. Sonali Desai

    Good quality toys, but the price is a bit high. Fast delivery was a plus.

  21. Anjali Rao

    Impressive! The high contrast mittens are a game-changer for sensory play.

  22. Sangeeta Rana

    Liked the concept and quality. The O ball is simpler than expected but still a hit.

  23. Harish Patel

    Harish Patel

  24. Nidhi Sharma

    Quality and educational value are great. Wish it came with a few more pieces for the price.

  25. Arjun Reddy

    Perfect for my newborn! The high contrast cards are her favorite. Highly recommend.

  26. Manisha

    Really good but the mirror could be better quality. Quick delivery and good service.

  27. Vishnu Das

    A hit with my son! He loves the wooden shakers and the mittens. Great for development.

  28. Kavya Malik

    Impressive kit but a bit pricey. However, the safety and educational aspects make it worth it.

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Have these questions?
My little one is between ages. Can I mix toys from different kits?

Yes, we can customize the toy kit to perfectly match your child's development stage. WhatsApp our design expert for assistance.

My baby is developing faster/slower than other kids. How do I pick the right toy kit?

Every child is unique! Our design expert is here to help you choose a toy kit that best supports your baby's individual pace and style of learning. WhatsApp our design expert now.

I already have a few toys. Can I just get the rest of the kit?

Of course! We're more than happy to customize a kit that complements what you already have. WhatsApp your requirement to our team now.

Why are these toys priced higher than others I've seen?

Our toys are crafted with expertise, love, and careful attention to quality. They are the result of years of research and are handmade by dedicated artisans. These toys are designed to support your baby's development and are a worthwhile investment.

What can I do with these toys after 3 months?
  1. Many of our toys offer value beyond the recommended age. They can be used in different ways at different developmental stages for creative play and learning activities.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days across India.

What if I don't find these toys useful for my baby? Can I return those?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not fully satisfied, we have a comprehensive return policy. You can return these toys within 15 days of delivery.

How can I clean these toys?

You can simply sterlize the wooden toys under direct sunlight and wash the fabric ones with normal detergent and dry in direct sunlight. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Are these toys and materials safe for my baby?

Absolutely! We prioritize your baby's safety. All our toys undergo rigorous safety checks and are made from baby-friendly materials.

What if my baby or pet damages the toys soon after purchase?

We understand accidents happen. If the toys get damaged within a week of purchase, we'll replace them for free.

Do the toys come with instructions on how to use them for developmental benefits?

Each of our toy kits comes with a comprehensive guide that helps parents understand how to use the toys for optimal developmental benefits.

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