I can fully rely on these revolutionary toys for every developmental stage of my baby.

-Heena Mehta

3 Plus Months Baby Toy Box

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Montessori based toys kit for your baby’s all-round brain and physical development.

These revolutionary toys are age-appropriate and are results of years of remarkable research and experiments by industry experts.

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Why this toy kit?

Rainbow wheel

Drum rattle

Touch and feel playbook

Interlocking Discs

Sensory mat

Parent's guidebook

Fash Cards

Board Books

Know which parts of your baby's brain are getting developed with these toys:

Know Your Toys In Depth:

Rainbow Spinning Wheel

Rainbow spinning wheel:

✅ Promotes gross motor skills and crawling

✅ Colorful wheel with mirror and rattle

✅ Teaches hand-eye coordination, cause and effect

✅ Montessori-based for self-guided learning

✅ Encourages color recognition and self-awareness

Sensory Texture Mat

Sensory Textured Mat:

✅ 7 different textures and vibrant colors

✅ Stimulates tactile and visual senses

✅ Versatile for tummy time, back, or sitting play

✅ Encourages exploration and fine motor development

✅ Safe, durable materials for baby's exploration

Rolling Drum Rattle

Rolling Drum Rattle:

✅ Neem wood for safety and durability

✅ Colorful balls and mirror inside

✅ Encourages crawling and core strength

✅ Improves gross motor skills and self-recognition

✅ Rattling sound for auditory stimulation

Touch and Feel Playbook

Touch and Feel Playbook:

✅ Stimulates tactile and visual senses

✅ Encourages love for reading

✅ Promotes fine motor skills through interaction

✅ Builds vocabulary with new words

Interlocking Discs Teether

Interlocking Discs Teether:

✅ Stimulates bilateral brain function

✅ Enhances fine motor skills

✅ Introduces cause and effect

✅ Doubles as a soothing teether

Board Books Set of 2

Board Books (set of 2 books - Animals and Vegitables):

✅ High-contrast, colorful imagery

✅ Sized for small hands, durable pages

✅ Stimulates language development and reading love

✅ Facilitates parent-child bonding

✅ Enhances vocabulary and early concentration

Flashcards - 10 Fruits Flashcards


✅ Help language development

✅ Improve vocabulary

✅ Help building early attention span and concentration skills

✅ Develops Photographic Memory

Parents' Guidebook

Guidebook for Parents Cover:

✅ How to play each toy with the baby?

✅ What to expect from your baby?

✅ Benefits of the t oy and why should baby play each toy?

✅ At-home activities for babies for that age group

Reviews (23)

23 reviews for 3 Plus Months Baby Toy Box

  1. Simran Kaur

    Absolutely love this kit! The Touch and Feel Playbook is perfect for sensory development. Everything is so thoughtfully made.

  2. Nitin Nair

    This kit has been so helpful in installing my Montessori nursery. Clearly, all toys are designed with Montessori principles and are quite useful even beyond recommended ages.

  3. Usha Rani

    Safe and hygenic wood toys. Good Quality Book. Quick Delivery. love.

  4. Meera Verma

    Lifesaver. This kit uses natural products. Book and Wheel are very good quality.

  5. Richa Awasthi

    My daughter really enjoys playing with these toys. She uses all as teethers. Happy they are wood and paint seems natural.

  6. Diksha Paltel

    gud kit. happy toys

  7. Shweta Singh

    On time delivery. Packaging was good. Had ordered as a gift for my niece, was already packed well.

  8. Anjali Sharma

    Toy kit is well designed. Wooden. Good Book. All toys are useful. a must have for a 3-4 month old.

  9. Dharmesh Prasad

    Good Kit. Fast delivery. Good Packing.

  10. Meera Chaudhary

    The Rainbow Spinning Wheel is mesmerizing! My baby is so engaged, and it’s helping with his crawling. Absolutely recommend for development and fun.

  11. Arnav Singh

    Overall, a fantastic set. The Sensory Texture Mat is a hit. Just wish the Flashcards were more durable.

  12. Kriti Jain

    This kit has everything! My baby loves the Touch and Feel Playbook, and I love watching her learn. Great quality and value.

  13. Rohan Patel

    Great educational toys, especially the Board Books. They’re perfect for tiny hands. However, the teether could be more engaging.

  14. Priya Malhotra

    Impressive! The Rolling Drum Rattle is our favorite. It’s amazing for auditory and motor skills development. Plus, it’s super safe.

  15. Suman Rao

    The Montessori-based approach is fantastic. The Interlocking Discs Teether is cleverly designed. Just wish the kit included more variety.

  16. Vivek Gupta

    Every toy in this kit is a hit. The Flashcards are great for vocabulary. Love the focus on all-round development.

  17. Anjali Verma

    Solid purchase with educational value. The Rainbow Spinning Wheel promotes so much activity! Some toys are less appealing, though.

  18. Rishi Kumar

    The Sensory Texture Mat is a game-changer for tummy time. High quality, engaging, and educational. Highly recommend.

  19. Neha Bhatnagar

    Loved the variety and quality. The Board Books are fantastic for early reading. This kit makes learning so much fun!

  20. Karan Joshi

    Great kit with a few standout items like the Rolling Drum Rattle. Some toys didn’t capture my baby’s interest as much.

  21. Aakash Patel

    The spinning wheel and texture mat are great for learning. The kit’s variety supports overall development well. Worth the investment.

  22. Tanvi Sharma

    A fantastic educational tool! The Interlocking Discs Teether is both useful and innovative. This kit is a must-have for new parents.

  23. Mohit Verma

    Every item in this kit is a winner. The Rainbow Spinning Wheel and Sensory Mat are especially great. Excellent for baby’s development.

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Have these questions?
My little one is between ages. Can I mix toys from different kits?

Yes, we can customize the toy kit to perfectly match your child's development stage. WhatsApp our design expert for assistance.

My baby is developing faster/slower than other kids. How do I pick the right toy kit?

Every child is unique! Our design expert is here to help you choose a toy kit that best supports your baby's individual pace and style of learning. WhatsApp our design expert now.

I already have a few toys. Can I just get the rest of the kit?

Of course! We're more than happy to customize a kit that complements what you already have. WhatsApp your requirement to our team now.

Why are these toys priced higher than others I've seen?

Our toys are crafted with expertise, love, and careful attention to quality. They are the result of years of research and are handmade by dedicated artisans. These toys are designed to support your baby's development and are a worthwhile investment.

What can I do with these toys after 3 months?
  1. Many of our toys offer value beyond the recommended age. They can be used in different ways at different developmental stages for creative play and learning activities.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days across India.

What if I don't find these toys useful for my baby? Can I return those?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not fully satisfied, we have a comprehensive return policy. You can return these toys within 15 days of delivery.

How can I clean these toys?

You can simply sterlize the wooden toys under direct sunlight and wash the fabric ones with normal detergent and dry in direct sunlight. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Are these toys and materials safe for my baby?

Absolutely! We prioritize your baby's safety. All our toys undergo rigorous safety checks and are made from baby-friendly materials.

What if my baby or pet damages the toys soon after purchase?

We understand accidents happen. If the toys get damaged within a week of purchase, we'll replace them for free.

Do the toys come with instructions on how to use them for developmental benefits?

Each of our toy kits comes with a comprehensive guide that helps parents understand how to use the toys for optimal developmental benefits.

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