Uniquely Designed Brainy Toys

Rainbow Spinning Wheel


Montessori based Spinning Rainbow Wheel to encourage baby to whirl it leading to use arms and teaching cause and effect.

The colorful and fun wheel encourages your baby to touch and spin it, which in turn:

✅ encourages crawling

✅ improves their neck holding capability

✅ core strength

✅ hand-eye coordination

Ring Stacker


Montessori based Ring stacker with uniquely designed rings considering tiny grasps and teaching problem solving.

The colorful ring stacker:

✅ improves fine and gross motor skills

✅ improves hand-eye coordination

✅ teaches problem solving

✅ teaches colors

Hanging Mobile


India’s first-of-its-kind, dual-sided natural wood toy: black and white for under 4 months, colorful for older babies.

This Hanging Mobile:

✅ boosts concentration

✅ improves vision

✅ helps baby stay calm during diaper/clothes change

✅ encourages curiosity and exploration

Rolling Drum Rattle


This Neem wood made rattle is not just a crawling booster but also a teether and problem solving teacher of your baby!

This perfectly sized rattle:

✅ boosts gross and fine motor skills

✅ teaches hand to eye coordination

✅ helps baby learn to play a toy

✅ teaches cause and effect

Flash Cards Displayer with 2 Flash Cards Sets


This is an unique and first-time-designed in India product for newborns to interact comfortably with this infinite world of knowledge for the very first time in their lives.

The flashcards along with its displayer:

✅ develop their visual tracking and perception skills

✅ support language development

✅ keep baby busy during tummy time

✅ help building early attention span and concentration skills

Object Permanence Box


Montessori based Object permanence box with 3 balls helps baby with problem solving while teaching object permanence.

The object permanence box:

✅ teaches object permanence

✅ improves hand-eye coordination

✅ improves fine and gross motor skills

✅ teaches problem solving

Shape Puzzle


This Montessori based Shape Sorting Puzzle is best way to introduce problem solving while boosting those fine motor skills.

The shape puzzle:

✅ teaches problem solving

✅ improves logical thinking

✅ boosts fine motor skills

✅ introduces shapes understanding

Interlocking Discs Teether


These Montessori based interlocking discs teether teaches hand to hand transfer which stimulates both sides of their brain and rolling teaches cause and effect

The shape puzzle:

✅ Neem wood made great teether

✅ using both hands, both sides of their brain will be stimulated at the same time

✅ fine motor skills

✅ cause and effect